Will the FCC regulate satellite radio?

Readers of this blog will know that I’ve written a lot about broadcast radio vs satellite radio.  I’ve been saying that the hype over satellite radio is overblown and broadcast radio will not go away anytime soon.

Well now it comes to light that satellite’s ace in the hole, free speech, may not last.  That’s right, the FCC may go after satellite next.

Jeff Jarvis pointed this out in a post he wrote today.

I would say this, if I were a radio broadcaster, I’d be petitioning the FCC over this for sure.  How is it fair that satellite gets a free ride to say whatever they want over regulated airwaves and broadcast does not? 

Broadcast radio will have the technology in place to operate subscriptions channels with HD radio in the very near future.  Does this mean that the FCC will have to apply whatever rules they apply to satellite to those paid channels?

It’s a huge issue for satellite and I hope the investors in those stocks are thinking about this the right way.

Now all that said, I am a fan of free speech, as is Jeff and most intelligent people in this country.  I’d rather see the FCC stay out of this whole issue entirely, but that’s not likely as long as we have our current administration in power. 

So get ready for the fight over censorship in subscription media.  It’s next.

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