Exploding TV (continued)

I was at an industry event the other day and I asked a group of assembled smart people when the media PC was going to get hooked up to a critical mass of TV sets.  The answer I liked best was never.

The reason?

Wireless bridges like the D-Link Media Lounge are going to be used to hook up computers to home entertainment systems and the PC and the TV are going to stay in different rooms.

I am not recommending the D-Link Media Lounge right now.  From the comments I’ve read on Amazon and elsewhere, this product is not really ready for prime time just yet.  But it or something else similar will be soon.

And when you can stream video, audio, flash animation, and all the other great things we’ve got on our PCs into the home entertainment system and use your remote to do it, via the high speed wireless network, we are going to see TV explode like never before.

I can’t wait.

#VC & Technology