Folker We got a ton of new music in the past month.  And it’s all been on my Heavy Rotation list.  U2, Eminem, Green Day, Rilo Kiley, Badly Drawn Boy, etc.

We also got the new Paul Westerberg record but I didn’t dig it when I first heard it and it hasn’t been on my list.

But The Gotham Gal loves this record and she’s been playing it every day.  And you know what? This record grows on you.  There is a lot of good songwriting and if you like Westerberg the whole record makes for easy listening.

But there are some gems on this record, Lookin’ Up In Heaven, As Far As I Know, and a three song stretch near the end with What About Mine?, How Can You Like Him?, and Breath Some New Life which features Paul doing some killer guitar playing.

Killer punk rockers normally do not age this well.  And so this record goes into Heavy Rotation.

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