Getting Here

Hpim1009 We left NY at 6pm EST and arrived in Cape Town at 8pm local time the next day.

I was concerned about that length of a flight and that much travel time, but it was really not a big deal.

The kids are pretty good travellers by now and each one carries their own bag and knows the deal with checking baggage, claiming it, getting through customs, etc.

So that made the trip at lot easier. 

Hpim1015 The other thing that made the trip a lot easier was going up front where the beds lie flat. 

We left at 6pm, ate dinner, watched a movie, and then we all got a good nights sleep.

The tickets weren’t cheap, but for a flight of that length, I highly recommend spending the extra money.

We got to South Africa at 9am EST, 4pm local time and had to switch to a local flight to Cape Town.  A 2 hour layover and a 2 hour flight.

Hpim1018 We arrived in Cape Town at 8pm.  Just in time for Josh and me to go for a swim before grabbing dinner.

The trip here wasn’t bad at all.  I fear the way back will be more taxing.

But it was worth it.  This is what we woke up to this morning.


There’s a cool wifi Internet Cafe down the street.  So I’ll blog some more of this stuff.  This is the most beautiful city I’ve ever been to.  It even beats Rio.

#Blogging On The Road