Is Adsense a Good Deal or a Bad Deal?

We learned at the Majestic Internet Conference on Monday that Google’s average CPC (cost per click) is currently about $0.50.

I’ve been running Google’s Adsense for almost 9 months and I have had 1,796 clicks and have been credited $313.48.  That’s about $0.175 per click.  A lot less than Google’s averages.

But that doesn’t really tell me much.

So I went into Adwords and looked at what "venture capital" costs.  It goes for about $0.60 per click.

But based on the ads running on my blog, I am not getting many "venture capital" ads.

I get mostly "blog" and "blogging" ads.  "Blog" goes for $0.13 per click but "blogging" goes for almost $0.80 per click.  So I really don’t know what these advertisers are paying on my blog.

All that said, I suspect I am not getting a great deal with Adsense.  I think the audience on my blog is worth more than $0.175 per click and I am going to find a way to get that number up when I get back from vacation in January.

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