My 50 Favorite Albums (continued)

Inspired by the story of Colin Meloy, I am going to go back to my teenage years for my next top 50 record.  Though I don’t listen to heavy metal much anymore, it was the defining music of my teenage years.  Judas Priest, Scorpions, UFO, Van Halen, and plenty more.  But above all else reined Black Sabbath. The original Ozzie Osbourne-led Black Sabbath.

I was at Josh’s school music performance earlier this week.  There were great performances all around, including Josh’s loud, aggressive, and perfect drumming on Foxy Lady.  Near the end, a young guy came out and played Iron Man. Just one chord into that song and I knew exactly what he was going to play.

Black Sabbath’s music is etched indelibly into my brain.  And it has served as an inspiration for lots of other great musicians. The Replacements got started playing War Pigs and Iron Man in Bob and Tommy Stinson’s basement.  Uncle Tupelo often played Black Sabbath encores.

So, which record is it going to be?  There are some great ones to choose from.  For me, it comes down to Volume 4 with Snowblind and Supernaut or Paranoid with all the great classics.

Paranoid Tough call, but the record I reached for to give Josh a taste of the music was Paranoid so it goes onto the Top 50 list.

Welcome Ozzy.

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