The Age of Transparency

I can’t help but be taken with the story of Jason Kottke and Sony.  It’s David vs. Goliath but I’m not sure where the slingshot is yet.

Jason is one of the earliest bloggers and a true pioneer in the blogging world.

Sony is a big Japanese consumer electronics company that has a bunch of lawyers at their disposal.

Jason is apparently into Jeopardy and was following the Ken Jennings run on his blog.  Somehow he got wind of the fact that Ken had lost and posted that, along with an audio clip of the losing question on his blog.

Well I guess Sony got pretty pissed at Jason and sent some threatening lawyers after him which has now gotten Jason rethinking the whole blogging thing.  Jason can’t compete with the billions that Sony has when it comes to legal fees.

Well I want to know what Jason did that was wrong.  He learned something that others wanted to know and he posted it on his blog.  Too fucking bad that Sony didn’t want that news to get out.  Then run the goddamn show live.

If they sue him, I am going to send him some money.  I hope you all do too.

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