Wifi iPod

Last night we had a party in our office.

I made a killer playlist using the "on the go" feature on my iPod on my subway ride back to the office from Jessica’s basketball game.

The iPod was in an Altec Lansing speaker system in the conference room.

We had the Bose table top "wave radio" in the reception area.

I tried to use the iTrip to connect the iPod to the Bose so we could play the playlist in both rooms but the iTrip signal wasn’t strong enough. 

Brad pointed to the wifi antennas in the office and commented that we needed a Wifi iPod.

So today, I read Ross Mayfield’s post on Wifi iPod with interest.  Ross links to some interesting other posts on the subject including an excellent piece by Eliot Van Buskirk predicting the coming of the "home iPod" which would be an excellent thing to have.

The bottom line is once you start thinking of iPod as your portable music library, stuff like iTrip is just the beginning.  I can’t wait for the Wifi iPod.  We needed it last night.

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