33 1/3 (continued)

I blogged once before about this collection of short books about classic records.

I started out with Let It Be, by Colin Meloy, written about one of The Replacements’ greatest records.

I got two more last week and polished them off this weekend.

Vu_33The Velvet Underground and Nico is an amazing record. 

I still listen to it often, almost 40 years after it was made.

Joe Harvard does a great job of describing the people involved, how the record got made, and how the band’s sound came together.

If you are a VU fan, I recommend this book.

Kinks_33Another 60s record that gets too little credit is The Kinks’ Village Green Preservation Society.

My friend Pete VanVoast turned me onto the Kinks when we were in college and I’ve been a fan ever since.

This is their best record and this book by Andy Miller does a great job of describing how it got made.

I am going to get some more of these 33 1/3 books.  Amazon has them all.

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