Back in October, I brogged (bragging on a blog – a phrase coined by Brad Feld who has been known to engage in the practice from time to time) about our portfolio company Gurunet’s public offering.

Well Gurunet (GRU) hasn’t been standing still with its cash and public currency.

This week two things happened that are really exciting.

First, Walt Mossberg wrote an absolutely rave review of Gurunet’s service.  Go read it here.

Second, Search Engine Watch reported that Google is now using as its dictionary service.  If you type in Abraham Lincoln into Google, you’ll see on the upper right of the return page a small link that says "definition".  If you click on that, you go to for a detailed description of Abraham Lincoln.  Try it.

All of this bodes well for Gurunet as it moves from a niche service to a mass service.

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