Buy, Sell, and Hold? (continued)

The Gotham Gal sits on boards too.  Mostly non-profit boards. Although she has been on a few for profit boards too.

She has a really great post up on the joys and frustrations of the non profit world.

Last night I was talking to her about a meeting she had recently had with the person who runs one of her non-profits.

The conversation was about hiring and firing people.  Joanne (aka The Gotham Gal) made the point that you must take a very critical view of the people on your team that you have questions about.

That comment brought me back to the "buy, sell, hold" conversation I just blogged.

I think the same rule can be applied to people on your team. If, knowing what you now know about them, you would not hire them, then you must move them out. Hold is also a bad strategy with people you’ve got questions about.

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