Exlpoding TV - Akimbo

Following up on my last post, I want to start creating the situation I described in my own family room, so I can figure out what happens when TV content becomes an open system.

Inspired by Steve Rosenbaum of Camera Planet, I am going to get an Akimbo for my family room.

Akimbo is a $299 device that sits in your home entertainment rack right next to the Tivo, DVD player, etc.

It connects to the Internet via ethernet or wifi, whichever is easier for you.  Akimbo runs a proprietary programming service to the device which includes all sorts of content that you may or may not find on cable or satellite.

I think this is a bridge device to where we’ll ultimately end up, which is a totally open system, but it’s the closest thing to Internet TV that I can find right now and I am excited to try it out.

#VC & Technology