Feed Need

I’ve got three RSS feeds.  Not because I wanted three but because over time I created three.  They are:




I like the feedburner feed best and promote it on my blog because I get stats on that feed.  I have about 650 people subscribing to that feed according to Feedburner.

But I have no idea how many people subscribe to the other feeds.

I added all my feeds to Bloglines today and that tells me the following:

Feedburner Feed – 197 subscribers on Bloglines

TypePad Atom Feed – 220 subscribers on Bloglines

TypePad RDF Feed – 230 subscribers on Bloglines

So if Bloglines is a typical aggregator, and I have no idea if it is or isn’t, then I have the following total subs:

Feedburner – 650

TypePad Atom – 723

TypePad RDF – 759

Total RSS subs – 2,132

Who knows if that is right?

So, what I need (my feed need) is some way to aggregate all the feeds into a single pipe and get stats on all of them together.

I have noticed that many other blogs have this same problem of multiple feeds.

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