Firefox Market Share

OM Malik’s post on Firefox’ growing market share (now at 5% of all Internet users) led me to look at my blog’s browser market share. 

Back in November, I posted a pie chart that showed that 28% of my readers use Firefox and 57% use Internet Explorer.  That was such an eye opener to me.

It’s interesting that in the two months since, the numbers haven’t changed very much.  Here is the chart as of today:


The percentage of Firefox users has actually declined a tad, from 28% to 26%, and IE has gone up from 57% to 63%.

I suspect that’s due to the broadening of my reader base more than IE taking back share from Firefox.

OM’s reader base is probably more techy than mine and Firefox represents 23% of his users.

No matter how you cut it, Firefox has a large user base among the tech community and a growing base among the Internet users at large.

And it matters because I still find sites that don’t work well with Firefox.  That needs to be addressed by the owners of those sites.

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