Frequent Flyer

Those who know me well know I’ve never really liked flying. I think I got that from my mom who isn’t a great flyer either but has gotten a lot better over the years.

I spent last year flying all over the country and it’s changed me.

It seems that I’ve been living on an airplane for the past month.

I just figured that from Dec 16th through Jan 28th, I will have been on 16 flights.  That’s a flight every one and half days.

Last night at dinner I said that I was looking forward to my flight this morning because I could get some work done. That’s what it’s come to – I am looking forward to being on a plane!

Give me a large bottle of water, a couple bananas, some nuts and dried fruit, my iPod and Bose headphones, and my laptop and some spare batteries and I’m a happy guy on an airplane.

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