Go Jets! (continued)

Jets_helmet_sm_1 Being a Jet fan in never easy.

Last night’s game was as tough as they come, except for the fact that they somehow won it.

If you didn’t see this game, it was a crazy roller coaster ride for both teams.

We got home from the middle school play in time to watch the second half.

The Jets played great in the third quarter and built a 10 point lead 17-7 going into the fourth quarter.  The way the Jets defense was playing, that should have been the game.

But the Chargers came back and scored a field goal early in the fourth.  The Jets offense went flat (a common problem this season) and the Chargers got the ball back with plenty of time.

They delivered a great drive, getting the ball to the Jets 1-yard line with well over a minute left and four downs to go.

The the Jets defense did something they had already done 4 times this year.  They delivered a goal line stand and won the game with four stops, except for a ridiculous roughing the passer play on fourth down, when the game was over.  That cost them dearly, the Chargers scored and it was overtime.

Then the Jets lost the toss, a bad sign for sure.   But they got the stop, got the ball, and did absolutely nothing with it.  I was really close to turning off the TV at that point.

The Chargers drove the ball to their own 20 yard line and lined up for the game winner.  38 yards is a chip shot in the NFL.  But Herm iced the rookie kicker and with some help from the almighty, the kid missed right.  What a gift that was.

Finally, the Jets offense got going.  Santana Moss made a great diving catch of a poorly thown Pennington pass.  LaMont Jordan started running great and the Jets got the ball to the Chargers 10 yard line.

Doug Brien kicked a 28 yard field goal and the game was over.   But wait, it wasn’t over.  At that point, I was going to die.  Turns out the ref halled called time before the snap.  So Doug had to do it twice.  Which he did.  We won.

Then it was 12:30am and no way was I going to get to sleep anytime soon.

But at least we won.

Next up are the Patriots or the Steelers.  Ugh.

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