Jet Blue

Jetblue As long as I am blogging about companies I love this morning, I thought I’d add a plug for Jet Blue.

I did a lot of flying over the holidays on traditional (ie dinosaur) airlines.

Today I am flying Jet Blue.

What a difference.

It starts with the booking experience.  You book online.  Everyone has a TrueBlue account where everything you need is.

Then there’s the checkin experience.  Everybody is run through a kiosk that’s quick, easy to use, and efficient.  If you have bags to check, you go to the counter.  But all they do is check your bags.  Again, its quick and efficient.

And the people are so nice.  What do they feed all their employees?  Everybody has a smile on their face and something nice to say.

Then there’s the gate experience.  Free Wifi!  Power jacks everywhere.  Just like it should be.  They’ve got a little play area for kids in many of their terminals too.

And the food situation is dead on.  They don’t charge you for bad food you won’t eat.  They put high quality food establishments in their terminals and encourage everyone to buy some food for the flight.  I don’t like to eat much when I fly so I usually just get a yogurt, a couple bananas, and maybe some bagel chips, and lots of water.  That sure beats a bad lasagna or chicken dish!

And then there’s the cost.  $600 round trip to LA same day!  $200 round trip to LA with a couple weeks advance booking!

I love flying Jet Blue to LA.  The Long Beach terminal is so great.  You can land and be in a rental car headed somewhere in ten minutes.

If you want to know what’s wrong and right with the airline business today, just fly Jet Blue.  They do it right.  Most everyone else does it wrong.

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