Living Forever?

You and I are gonna live forever
We’re gonna live forever
Gonna live forever
Live forever

Oasis – Live Forever

I put this song on this morning as I was reading MIT’s Technology Review, in my opinion the best technology magazine in the world from the best technology school in the world.

In the current issue, there is an article about Aubrey de Grey’s search to defeat the aging process.  It’s a very interesting piece, regardless of your opinion on such things.

My friend Gordon Gould has been bending my ear on this stuff for a while now.  Gordon believes it can be done and he’s read a lot of material that backs up his opinions.

But what if its possible?  Would I want to live forever?  My vacation reading of Pete Hamill’s Forever really makes me wonder if living forever would be a good thing.

There’s something comforting about the life span; you are born, you grow up, you have a career, raise a family, you get old, and you die. It’s understood and built into our psyches and culture. How would we all deal with living forever?

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