MP3 of the Week

It’s been a couple weeks since I posted my last MP3 of the week.  But it’s back to the swing of things for me.

I blogged the Wilco/Flaming Lips show on New Year’s.  Unfortunately I didn’t get to see them live.

But thanks to the wonderful technology called Bit Torrent, I have been listening to the show for the past week.

The highlight for me was Wilco and The Lips teaming up for a rousing version of Thunderclap Newman’s Something in the Air.

So that live version is my MP3 of the Week.

I apologize in advance for the slightly larger size of this file.  I usually encode them at 64kpbs but since this is live and the sound quality isn’t fantastic to begin with, I encoded it at 128kpbs which take longer to load.

#My Music