Musicplasma (continued)

After I wrote my post on Musicplasma yesterday, I came across a post by John Battelle where he talks about how Musicplasma works and makes an interesting suggestion for the blog world.

First, Musicplasma uses Amazon web services to make its map of the music universe.  I think this is so interesting because Amazon has a huge amount of data about what people purchase and they’ve chosen to make that data available as a web service.  That allows someone to build something on top of that like Musicplasma.  The archtecture of participation in action!

Second, John goes on to suggest that someone (maybe him) should build the same thing for the blog world.  I can just see it now.  My orb floating next to the Gotham Gal, some VCs, some music lovers, and some of my friends.  Very cool.  John asserts that the data is out there already at Technorati, Feedster, Bloglines, etc. And he’s right. I can’t wait for the Blogplasma.

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