My 50 Favorite Albums (continued)

Sometimes there’s an artist who produces albums of such quality that its impossible to prefer one from another.  And any one of them produces the exact experience you were seeking when you put it on.

For me Gillian Welch and her partner Dave Rawlins are in that category.  Gillian is one of many musicians that the Gotham Gal discovered for both of us.

Three discs of Gillian’s are favorites of ours; Soul Journey, Time (The Revelator), and Revival are all fantastic and “must listen” records in my book.

A friend of mine manages Gillian.  He feels that Time (The Revelator) is her best work.  And with songs like I Dream A Highway, and April the 14th on it, I must agree.  So Time (The Revelator) goes onto my 50 favoritre list.

Not many musicians are making such hauntingly beautiful music as Gillian and Dave right now.

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