My 50 Favorite Albums (continued)

Vu_and_nico Of all the albums recorded in the 60s, this is the one that feels the most like it could have been made yesterday.

Sure the great Dylan, Beatles, and Stones ablums still get rotation on my ears from time to time, but The Velvet Underground and Nico gets more.

Starting with the cool xylophone sounds on Sunday Morning and ending with the Wilco-esque noise of European Son, this album never fails to provide thrills and chills.

I particularly love the three Nico songs, Femme Fatale, All Tomorrow’s Parties, and I’ll Be Your Mirror.  Nico is what makes this album my favorite VU album. Her voice is so cool and german. And that’s Andy Warhol’s major contribution to this album.

I also think these are Lou Reed’s best songs (with the possible exception of New York).

People say the album’s too druggy and it sure is.  This record takes you right up to 125th to wait for the man or to Union Square with Margarita Passion.  And Heroin is certainly the most gripping and realistic drug song of all time.  A masterpiece in my opinion.  I never tire of hearing that song.

So there it is.  The Velvet Underground and Nico joins my Top 50.

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