My Bloody Valentine

Loveless When I went back over the numerous comments to my Favorite 50 posts, I didn’t find many discs that I hadn’t heard before.

But one disc was mentioned three or four times, and I had never heard it.

It’s a disc called Loveless by a band called My Bloody Valentine.

So I bought it at Amazon.  It came this week and I loaded it onto my digital music system and my iPod.

I am listening to Loveless for the first time as I write this.

It’s a great record.  It sounds a bit like a mix of Gang of Four and Radiohead if you want something to compare it to.

I don’t know if it can get enough listens over the next year to make it onto my Top 50 list, but I am sure glad I got this album.  I intend to give it some serious airtime.

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