Politics (continued)

It would be nice to say that I wish Bush well in his second term.  But I don’t. 

I don’t like or trust the man and the people who work with him.  It’s that simple.

When Bush makes an appeal for "unity" so that the country can move forward, I cringe because Bush and his team are never interested in compromise

And compromise is what’s required for unity.

They don’t want unity, they want capitulation.

For example, he just re-nominated ten nominees to the federal court who had already been deemed unfit to serve by the last Senate. That’s not compromise.

That’s an insult, a slap in the face, a taunt.

That’s the way these guys work.

And so I on the day after his inaugural, I find myself hoping he fails to achieve his grand plans.

And I find myself resolved to do my part to help the opposition find the people, the money, and the message to fight back.

UPDATE:  It looks like half the country agrees with me that Bush is no "uniter".