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Sign_me_upI was an investor and board member in Yoyodyne when Seth Godin wrote his groundbreaking book Permission Marketing

That book changed everything for so many people.  Finally there was a name for something that we all knew, that you could use the Internet and email to develop one to one relationships with customers, but there were some rules to be followed.

Well six years later one of my CEOs has written (this time with the help of his management team) another book on permission marketing.

This book, called Sign Me Up, picks up where Seth left off.  Matt Blumberg and his team at Return Path have been helping large and small marketers do email marketing for the past five years.  They’ve learned a lot about what works and what doesn’t work.

This book is more guidebook and "how to" than big idea.  But that’s what’s needed these days when inboxes are cluttered and click through rates are falling.

If you do email marketing or want to, I strongly suggest you pick this book up.

There’s more on Sign Me Up at Matt’s blog and Brad Feld’s blog.

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