The Garden Route

Hpim1350 We spent a week on the Garden Route.  Its the easternmost section of the western cape.  It is the most heavily forested part of South Africa and home to an amazing coastline, with beaches, lagoons, and cliffs.  But the mountains and forests are within easy reach as well.

It reminds me somewhat of the coast of the pacific between Santa Barbara and Monterey.

This picture of Emily was taken at the heads in Knysna (sounds like Nie-sna).  We stayed there three days and then spent another three days in the Wilderness.

The heads of Knysna are rock cliffs that mark the entrance to the Knysna lagoon.  It’s an incredibly beatiful spot.

In the span of six days, we went abseiling, body surfing, mountain biking, canoeing, hiked to a waterfall, rode elephants, and did a ton more.  It’s also home to some amazing seaside golf courses, although I didn’t play any golf on this trip.

I’ll post a little on some of these, but if you love the outdoors and doing this kind of stuff, you need to visit the Garden Route if you ever come to South Africa.

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