One of my very first posts on this weblog almost a year and half ago was about the social networking site

At the time of that post, I had just invested in Tribe, largely because the founder is my friend Mark Pincus who has made something big out of everything he’s started.

I have been a member of Tribe for the past year and a half, but have not been a very active member of the community.

I spent some time there this morning and found that has become something pretty interesting.  What’s cool about Tribe is that its not about dating or business networking or anything in particular.  It’s a social network for all of that and more. So it gets a wide array of activity and I think its more interesting as a result.

I have added a listing of my "tribes" on the lower right column on this blog using something they called Tribecaster. If any of these tribes interest you, join and you can be a member of the tribe too.

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