Tsunami (continued)

When I posted my first thoughts on this tragedy, it was based on hearing about the tragedy from a mountain biking guide and reading a few posts on Jeff Jarvis’ blog.

It was nice to have my head in the sand for the past week and a half, but since coming out of the bush yesterday and arriving back in NYC today, I have come to realize the maginitude of this disaster.

A few have commented on the callousness of my remark in that post that I was "glad to be missing this disaster".  And it sure feels pretty callous reading it now recognizing what has transpired.

I still feel blessed to have missed the endless replays of videotape that must have been on the airwaves non-stop for the past week.  I don’t need to see that kind of horror to be properly shocked.

The Gotham Gal and I discussed what we can personally do about it today.  Surely we can give money, but to whom and how?  And what about the reports that many outfits are turning away money at this point?

We’ve got a week of catching up to do and apparently much is already being done.  Any thoughts and ideas are appreciated.

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