Why Blogs Are Special

I write a blog that is nominally about my day job, being a VC.

But it’s really not about that.

I blogged non stop about my trip to South Africa for two weeks.

I blog non stop about the music that I love.

And when something interesting happens to me, I blog about it too.

If you read the Venture Capital Journal, all you are going to get is stuff about Venture Capital.

If you read Wired, all you are going to get is stuff about technology.

If you read blogs, you get so much more.

Take Crossroad Dispatches for example, written by Evelyn Rodriguez.

Evelyn writes about marketing, technology, entrepreneurship and a bunch of stuff that would make her blog interesting to me.

I found her blog when she made this post about a few loose ends and linked to some posts I had done on the Grameen Foundation.

I told this story in another blog post, so you may be familiar with it.

But in that "loose ends" post Evelyn casually mentioned that she was going to be taking a few weeks off on the beach in Thailand.  That post was made on December 13th.

Well you know what happens next.  Her blog is a dramtic story of the tsunami, how she was affected (she was on a boat!), and the aftermath, getting home, etc.

She’s done about 20 posts since the first one where she describes getting caught by the tsunami.  Most of them are about the tsunami experience, but recently she’s getting back to her normal beat.

This is what makes blogs special.  They are real stories about real people doing real things.  Told by the people who did them. How can you beat that?

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