Apple (continued)

I am permanently cross platform.  I can’t operate solely in the Windows world and I can’t operate solely in the Apple world. 

But I love Apple.  I’ve written that before a few times.

I have migrated from one windows computer to another windows computer at least ten times in my life, probably a few more than that.  It has always sucked. I am procrastinating getting off my current thinkpad for that exact reason.

Well the migrating experience doesn’t suck with a Mac.

Jessica got a new powerbook to replace her five year old iMac this weekend. Yesterday we opened up her new powerbook and got ready to do the conversion of five years of her life onto the new machine.  I was dreading the experience.

About the third screen on the new computer was a suggestion that we connect the old Mac to the new Mac with a firewire cable.  Fortunately I had one in the basement and we did that.

Three hours later, after the birthday dinner, her new powerbook looked just like her old iMac and had everything on it.


I love Apple.

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