Dean Dream

I have a dream that Howard Dean will turn out to be a great Chairman of the DNC.

I did not and would not have supported him for the job given the liberal bias he took in his failed presidential campaign.  And the way it ended for him clearly makes him damaged goods in the political world.

But the most dangerous opponent is a wounded and laughable opponent.  Hell, the Miami Dolphins beat the likely Super Bowl champs this year.

Dean has two big things going for him in my mind;

1 – He gets the power of the Internet and its ability to be a grass roots organizing and fundraising vehicle. None of the current party leaders come close to his firsthand knowledge and experience in that regard.

2 – His background as a fiscal conservative. The Democrats must stake out the territory that the Repulicans have given up.  That being fiscal conservatism.  Dean gets that.  He has balanced budgets and understands that revenues and expenses must be the same number.

In truth, the battle for DNC Chairman reminded me of all the national democratic races in recent years.  I didn’t like any of the candidates.  So while Dean is surely a risky choice, he may turn out to be the best choice.  I sure hope so.

I wrote this post almost a week ago when it became apparent that Dean was going to win the Chairmanship of the DNC.  But I decided to leave it in the "slush pile" as Seth Godin calls it.

Then Hector suggested that Howard Dean recruit me in his comment to my Silence Means (continued) post.  Dean doesn’t need to recruit me.  I am already a committed progressive thinker.  And so I decided to post this.  I hope you like it Hector.