I used to go to Demo all the time.  It was the best place to go see new companies.

But somewhere along the way, a lot of the most interesting companies got funded before they got to Demo.  And the audience is full of VCs, so the unfunded ones were funded pretty shortly thereafter.  So it became an exercise in frustration for me.

DemomapHere is a map, created by IntroNetworks, one of the presenting companies, of Demo’s attendees.  The quadrants are business owners, Fortune 500 companies, venture capitalists, and one other that wasn’t identified on BloggingDemo’s post

I will bet that the upper left quadrant is the VC quadrant.

Given the difficulty in actually finding companies to invest in at Demo, the only benefit is seeing all these new products and services live and in action.

But for that we’ve now got BloggingDemo.  I can spend 30 minutes on BloggingDemo every morning, watch the videos, and I’ve replicated all but the schmooze factor.

This is a great service to the VCs who aren’t in the room like me.

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