eBay and PayPal (continued)

Yesterday, the Gotham Gal blogged her frustration with eBay and PayPal.  And Meg Whitman replied.  For those of you who don’t know, Meg is the CEO of eBay.  That’s impressive, even if it wasn’t Meg herself who did the replying.  This is customer service in action.  eBay must be using pubsub or blogpulse or something else to crawl the blog world and then they have a proactive outreach program to deal with stuff like this.  You gotta love that.

Gotham Gal’s PayPal account and and mine somehow got messed up.  Neither one of them work on eBay anymore.

I had to open a new PayPal account with a new email address and a new credit card in order to pay for a gift that Jessica bought the night before.

I can tell you that both of us were incredibly frustrated with the Pay Pal through this entire process.  We’ve now got a PayPal account that works and we can delete the old ones and hopefully life on eBay will be better again, but the whole thing did leave a really bad taste in our mouths.

But the reply from Meg certainly takes some of the sting away.

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