Fisking Calacanis (continued)

Jason has replied to my post on his weblog.

And this time I agree with pretty much everything he says.

The best point he makes is that there’s the VC’s view of the relationship, the entrepreneur’s view of the relationship, and then there’s the truth, which lies somewhere in between.

There’s a comment on his blog post and the commenter says he doesn’t like it when VC’s refer to entrepreneurs as "My CEOs" in the possessive term.  That’s good feedback. I’l have to try to stop using that terminology.

Public debates like this are good for the venture capital business. If Jason is saying it out loud, then lots of entrepreneurs are thinking it silently.

I am a big fan of getting the issues out on the table and debating them, learning how the other side thinks, and hopefully finding some common ground.

This public debate was fun Jason, thanks for starting it.

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