Fixing Venture Capital (continued)

I am not sure I really like this title since I don’t think venture capital needs to be fixed, but it seems to get a lot of activity, so I think I’ll keep using it.

My basic thesis about venture capital is that its fine the way it is, but there are bad VCs and uninformed entrepreneurs and the result is things get messed up a lot more than they should.

This blog and others should help the entrepreneurs become more informed.  That’s a really good thing.

Outing the bad VCs is more complicated. I don’t intend to say anything negative about my colleagues in the venture capital business on this blog and my guess is very few others would either. In this regard, I think entpreneuers need to do a lot of checking around.

Entreprenuers themselves are blogging now and that should be a great source of information about the VC/entrepreneur relationship.

Tom Evslin is going to blog his Nine Lessons on Dealing with VCs over the next couple days.  I expect they’ll be very interesting.

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