Google Maps (continued)

So I finally found some time to check out Google maps.

They are, as everyone has said, amazing.

My point of reference is Yahoo! maps, which I’ve been using exclusively for all my mapping chores outside of my car for the past five years.

Google maps has a better and cleaner interface.  The maps are better, clearer, crisper.  They are much faster to load and to move.

The driving directions are right there on the map when you want them.

The only thing that Google maps lacks, and a big reason why I won’t move to them completely, is the "Smartview" technology that Yahoo uses to let you quickly find food, entertainment, transportation, ATMs, etc right from the map.  That’s a really handy tool that I use a lot.

Hopefully, Yahoo! will look at Google’s maps and learn from them.

Let the map wars begin.

#VC & Technology