The Gotham Gal and I watched most of the Grammy’s last night.

But Josh missed it as he had to go to bed early.

And since it’s his birthday, we are watching the Tivo recording of the show tonight.

My highlights:

Joss Stone ducking the cameras when she was announced for her Grammy nomination.  She’s still a kid after all.  And her Janis Joplin tribute too.  What a voice that girl has.  And we love that she sings barefoot. I hope stardom doesn’t change her.

U2 singing Sometimes You Can’t Make It On Your Own.  Bono and the Edge never fail to entertain me.

Green Day’s performance of American Idiot.  It rocked and they rock!!!!

Kanye West’s acceptance speech.  His ending was awesome, "Everyone wondered what I’d do if I didn’t win.  Well I guess we’ll never know".  You got that right Kanye.

Ellen DeGeneres’s American Express ad.  I love her and the ad.

Freebird and Sweet Home Alabama. Yes, I grew up in the 70s.

And one thing that wasn’t on the show – Wilco’s first Grammy for Best Alternative Rock Album.  I suspect the fact that Wilco decided to honor an obligation to play a show in Birmingham, Alabama last night had something to do with being left out of the show.

Regardless, as Bono said, it was the best Grammy’s I’ve seen in a long time.

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