MP3 of the Week

Every once in a while a record comes along that takes me back, time machine style, to a time that’s come and gone.

So it is with The Killer’s record, Hot Fuss.

This record takes me back to the late 80s when the Gotham Gal and I were married without kids and living in the east village.  We loved The Cure and listened to them all the time.

The Killers sounds so much like The Cure, particularly before they began their Disntegration.

The songs that have gotten the most airplay on this record are the Grammy nominated Somebody Told Me and Mr. Brightside, which is quickly moving to the top of the iTunes Top 10.

Stuck right between them on the record is my favorite track, Smile Like You Mean It. If you heard this song on the radio, you’d think it was The Cure.

So, Smile Like You Mean It is my MP3 of the Week.

I hope you like it.

#My Music