Hpim19141_1 Our family took up snowboarding about five years ago.  We used to ski as a family but now we board as a family, with the exception of me.

I can board and usually once or twice a year I strap one on and spend the day on it.  But I am "old school" as a kid said to me on the charlift today and I just enjoy blowing through the bumps on skis more than boarding.

Hpim1928_1 The star boarders in our family are Jessica and the Gotham Gal.

Jessica has been really cranking on the board this year and she’s gotten to a new level.

She can ride pretty much any run on the mountain now and its a pleasure to watch her fly down.

But the Gotham Gal is the one who impresses me the most.  When she wants to she can put on her skis and hit the bumps with me, but she can also strap on a board and fly down the mountain with the kids and even keep up with Jess.


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