The Gates

Hpim1862 We took the whole family up to Central Park today to see Christo‘s public art project called The Gates.

It was a beautiful sunny day with clear blue skies serving as the perfect backdrop for the bright orange gates that are lined up one after another all over the park.

We weren’t the only ones who decided to go see The Gates today.  The park was mobbed with people and I suspect it will be that way until the project comes down in two weeks.

But it really didn’t matter.  The crowds of people didn’t take anything away from the beauty of the installation.


If you live in NY or nearby or are visiting the city in the next couple weeks, I would urge you to go see The Gates. It’s a really amazing sight to behold.


UPDATE: Jarvis hated The Gates.  I’ve heard that from a few people.

I loved them.  It was a river of color flowing through the park. It lit the place up. Beauty is art, its that simple for me.

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