The Zero Sum Game

Jeff Jarvis is bemoaning the loss of Andrew Sullivan to the blog world.  I am not sorry to see him go as I never found anything worth reading on his blog. But Jeff and surely many other readers did and they will miss him.

But like life and death, when someone leaves the blog world, someone else arrives.

In this case, we have Tom Evslin arriving on the scene with a mind, a mindset, and style that should make him an instant hit in the blog world. Tom’s a free thinker, right of me but hopefully left of Andrew, and just outright enjoyable to read.

In his first blog post, Tom argues that a zero sum game in the markets is not a zero sum game in society.  He says bubbles are not bad, they are critical to the development of new technologies.  He says he’s waiting for the next one. It’s exactly the kind of thinking you’d expect from Tom and I am glad he’s providing it free of charge to the world at large.

There are three more up already, including why wifi is a nerd’s delight, how to stop VOIP spam (called SPIT), and why attention to quarterly results did in AT&T.

How can you not add Tom to your RSS reader?  I did.

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