What A Season!

Hpim1792_1The Little Red 8th Grade Girls Basketball Team won the post season Town Tournament this week.  They beat a really tough Town team in the seminfinals and an even tougher Marymount team in the finals today by a 21-19 score.

Vio hit two free throws with less than a minute remaining to provide the winning margin.

These girls were amazing.  They didn’t play a team this year that they didn’t beat.  They won their league, their league tournament, and the Town tournament.

That has never been done in the history of the school.

The starters; Gloria, KK, Vio, Sarah, and Jessica were amazing.  The sixth and seventh players; Thea and Alex Eve were also incredible.  And the rest of the team played an imporant role as well.

I am incredibly proud of their accomplishment.  I hope they stay together in high school for the next four years.  Who knows what they might do?

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