AdSense (Continued)

Well, I appreciate all the people who commented, emailed me, and linked to me with supportive words about my "outing" of my Google results.

Transparency is one of the top goals of this blog.  I hope to be transparent about me, what I like, who I am, what I do.  And I hope to encourage others to be transparent about who they are and what they do.

The good news is that Google didn’t call me, email me, or shut me down. Who knows if they even saw my post?  Although the link from Searchblog probably means they did.

I love John’s post.  He calls Google on their ridiculous terms of service (TOC) and says that their rule that you can’t run another ad network along Adsense is nuts.  It is nuts.  And it is evil and violates one of the core values of Google. And it should be put to rest asap.

Who do they think they are anyway?  I am creating the content that brings the audience.  If I want to run one, two, or three ad networks, they should be fine with that.  And eventually they will be.

As my kids say, "who made you the boss of the world"?

One thing I’ve learned in over 20 years of watching the tech business – the guys on top eventually get humbled.  It happened to IBM.  It happened to Microsoft.  It happened to AOL.  It happened to Yahoo!  And its going to happen to Google someday too.  The sooner they appreciate their customers, the better they’ll be.

The fact that they didn’t get upset with me is a good start.  Next I’d like them to take a hard look at their terms of service and change it to reflect the realities of the online world.

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