Been There, Done That

You can imagine the mixed emotions I felt when I saw the news on Curbed that someone is doing Kozmo again.

Max_deliveryThis time it’s called Max Delivery.

My first reaction was "great, when can I sign up?"  The Gotham Gal and I were huge Kozmo customers and I suspect we’ll be huge Max Delivery customers too.

My second reaction is to offer them some advice.

1 – Don’t raise venture capital

2 – Stick to New York City

3 – Keep the number of SKUs manageable

4 – Don’t do any big real estate deals

5 – Don’t take money from big strategic partners

6 – Don’t become the cover boy for Web 2.0

This can be a great business if its done right.  Most people don’t realize this but Kozmo made money in NYC.  It was the 18 other cities that brought the company down.

Good luck Max Delivery.  I am rooting for you.

#VC & Technology