Customer Service (continued)

Last month I blogged about Meg Whitman (or someone from eBay claiming to be Meg Whitman) responding to a flame post that the Gotham Gal did on eBay and PayPal.  I was impressed with Meg/eBay’s quick reaction to that post.

I am equally impressed by David Sifry’s response to my flame post yesterday on Technorati.  And this time I am sure it was David who responded.  He says:


Thanks for the great feedback, and I’m sorry that we’re not meeting
your expectations. The link count issue is one that we’re working on;
as the number of new blogs in the blogosphere is exploding and the
number of posts we’re tracking is exploding, our ability to keep
absolutely accurate link counts has become problematic. We decided to
focus entirely on making sure that we show you every new link and
mention of you or your blog in your cosmos, even if it meant that the
link counts got somewhat inaccurate, as a short-term stopgap.

We’re working diligently on fixing the count issue, and I appreciate your patience with us while we get things fixed…


That’s what I wanted.  An acknowledgement that something wasn’t right and a committment to fix it.  If only every company operated like that!

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