Family Ski Vacation

Hpim2150We’ve been skiing in Beaver Creek, Colorado and the weather and conditions have been fantastic.

We all ski and board and generally all go out as a family.  Our kids did ski school when they were younger but in the past several years we’ve decided that a family vacation means hanging out and skiing together as a family. 

That poses a number of problems when there are disagreements about where to ski, when one family member is slowing everyone down, etc. 

Hpim2226But these problems are generally overcome quickly and the time we spend together on the mountain is almost always enjoyable.

We think a family ski vacation is a great bonding experience for the whole family and in particular the kids.

I spend most of my time on skis.  Jessica and Josh spend most of their time on a board.  The Gotham Gal and Emily tend to  mix it up.
One thing that has made skiing as a family a lot easier is cell phones. 

The reception at Beaver Creek has been pretty good all over the mountain and when someone goes the wrong way or signals get crossed, a phone call generally gets everyone back together again pretty quickly.

One thing that skiing with the kids and having a number of boarders in the family gets in the way of is serious bump skiing.

The Gotham Gal and I have always enjoyed bump skiing, particularly in the spring when the temperature rises and the bumps get big and soft.
But we found some opportunities to do that today and the results were spectacular. 

Except for my left knee which is sore as hell. 

Getting older and bump skiing don’t go hand in hand apparently.

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