Knicks in LA

Hpim2268_1I am in LA this week mixing some work and some vacation while the kids are on spring break.

When I got back to the hotel after some meetings, I bumped into Malik Rose in the elevator.

Then I realized that the Knicks are playing the Lakers tonite at the Staples Center.

So I called The Gotham Gal and left a message for her suggesting she get the kids back to the hotel by 4pm when the players were going to leave for the game.

Hpim2269That worked out pretty well.

The kids got autographs and talked to most of the players.

The highlights were Josh’s conversation with Clyde Frazier in which he got to see his championship ring, the huddle around Stephon Marbury, and Jessica’s bumping into Jamal Crawford buying skittles and starburst in the gift shop.

It was fun to watch.

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