My 50 Favorite Albums (continued)

Tonight is a special pick.

I’ve had this record on my short list for inclusion in the top 50 for months but have been waiting for the right moment to add it.

Tonite is the night because I am going to see them in concert for the first time.

PalomineThe band is called Bettie Serveert and the record is their first album, Palomine.

The thing that makes Bettie Serveert special is singer Carol van Dijk.  As a commenter on Amazon said, "she has a great "lived-in" voice that sounds like she’s been drinking
whiskey and smoking cigarettes since she was age 3. it’s so rough
around the edges, yet so charming and adorably sweet."

There is a Velvet Underground influence for sure, but there is also a grunge influence in this record.  It was recorded in 1992/1993 afterall.

Here’s another quote from Amazon, "I listen to palomine all the time to this day, and no matter how long
it’s been since I last heard this record, I still get that same feeling
every time I hear it. It, quite simply, never gets old."

I feel the same way and that’s why Palomine is on my Top 50 list.

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