Technorati - What's Up With This?

I visit Technorati every day to see who is linking to me.

It’s an incredibly valuable service and I really couldn’t blog without it.

But there are some things about it that make me shake my head.

For example, every day I get about 5-15 new links.  I can see them at the top of the technorati results list for

But there’s also this number at the top of the results that says "368 links from 254 sources".  Well for some reason Technorati has been reporting that number for my blog for the past three or four months.  It is always the same number.

Now if I get 5-15 new links per day, how is it that I always have 368 links from 254 sources?

And then there’s the problem with my own posts showing up.  There are always posts I did on the first page.  Why is that?

Maybe I have configured Technorati incorrectly.  If so, I’d love to know how to fix these two problems.

#VC & Technology