The Shake Shack

Shakeshack_1Although our firm is called Union Square Ventures, we are located between Union Square Park and Madison Square Park, a bit closer to Madison Square.

In the spring, summer and fall, the location is a major asset since we are a short walk from the Shake Shack.  And the good news is that the Shake Shack opens for the season tomorrow! CORRECTION – The Shake Shack doesn’t open until Monday.

Hpim2278So on our way from LA to San Diego yesterday, we had to visit the orignal Shake Shack.

It’s on the Pacific Coast Highway, between Newport Beach and Laguna Beach. 

The shakes were great.

The hotdogs don’t come close to what they offer in Madison Square Park.

Hpim2279They don’t sell burgers.

And the sandwiches were pretty forgetable.

But the view – well that was incredible.

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